Walking is the best way to experience a city, to breathe it, to live it. artyWALKS are guided group wanderings on the streets of Delhi that indulge in the cultural heritage of Delhi, the culture which we live and experience, that thrives beyond the museums and the historical texts. The culture, which lives ever so dynamically and transforms itself trying hard to compete with the pace of the city.

Delhi  is more than just the Qutub Minar and the Red Fort, The city has so much to offer. The heritage structures sure offer a testimony of timestamp, but the pulsating Delhi that was, that is, outside of these structures is also to be lived.

We will bring to you what is known and little about Delhi, for you to build your own unique experience and capture it the way you want. Whether it is through the exposures of your camera, or through a sketch, a painting, poetry or a blog post. It is an invite for you to see and breathe the city and its unique charms like never before - we will walk, eat, shop, and interact - with the city and with each other.

About the organizer

Jessica Singh has been a Delhi person all along, and the one-year spent in Oxford made her look at the city in a new light. The myriad landscapes the city offers, the confusion and the chaos arising out of being too many, the art history, the heritage backdrops, glimpse of the Qutub Minar from the Metro while reading ‘Delhi’ (by Khushwant Singh) does not complete the experience for her. In fact it just leaves her fascinated and ‘shoe lace tied’ to explore more of the city’s offerings.

For balancing out the dismal portrayal of Delhi in the current times, she seeks to refine what being a Delhite means… how the boundaries of this city / state are not just permeable but increasingly expanding and undefined, how it attracts people from all walks of life to come and settle here, how it then becomes a melting pot, how malleable this city is and how it recreates itself every decade if not a couple of years. How every corner of core Delhi has a story to tell, how we can still relate to some of these stories, and how some these stories still leave us in awe.

Connect with us to sign up for a Customized artyWALK by sending an email to connect@artysorts.com

Costs involved for a customized walk:-

Solo artyWALKer – INR 2500

2-4 artyWALKers – INR 2000 pax

4-7 artyWALKers – INR 1500 pax

7 or more artyWALKers – INR 1200 pax

GIFT a curated artyWALK

This is an experiential gift to immerse in the art vibe of select pockets in Delhi. We have seven curated experiences, but we can also customize an artyWALK depending on the specific interests and available time.