artySORTS is about creating, curating and celebrating art

artySORTS is about

living your art,

breathing art in your everyday life,

recognizing art that permeates your very being,

bringing the artist inside you to consciousness.

A b o u t

How we define art?

Our definition goes beyond the common place understanding of art that is limited to the visual arts of a certain kind. For us, art is that which enriches our lives, gives meaning, definition and expression to the human condition.

It is a way of understanding, illuminating, and expressing our emotions, our world, and the world around us.

BE or BECOME 'an artist at being' and in that being you become aware of your very existence as an art form.

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O u r s t o r y

“ When what fuels your life is ART, something like this becomes inevitable. ”

The Founder on finding and founding artySORTS

‘artySORTS’ was one the many curious words or string of words that fleetingly visit my mind space unless I do bother to freeze it in writing. I am glad I did that for artySORTS, I then started dwelling on it and the little elements that define me and my purpose started coming together.

There are many things that are ‘me’, but I get this overwhelming realization that the aesthete in me takes over everything else. And I am convinced that the way I see the world is way too colourful, dramatic, and imperfectly beautiful to be true, but it probably is like that too. You just need to pick the right lens to view perspectives. I was blessed with the ‘right’ lens. I grew up living art, without even consciously realizing that. I am conscious now and this initiative is to share this consciousness of art in everyday life with you.

P e o p l e s a y

I have been in Delhi for quite some time now, but the way artySORTS has made us see / feel it aesthetically ..its so refreshing ..thanks for taking us to the nook and corners where art is hiding or flourishing.. looking forward to being a part of upcoming sojourns .. amazing experiences in each event meeting people from all walks of life making happy memories. - Manisha

Her keenness in getting it right and the immersion in detail while indulging in designing the concept sketch baffled me. I see that she sees what I don’t. And we so need that. Go on. Paint the world in your colours. - Christian

They had such innovative activities at Colorothon. My children had a lot of fun, they are definitely going to try this at home. - Seema

You do actually realize that art is all around you. The walks are a wonderful way to explore these places where I would not go otherwise. - Abhishek

M o n t h l y t h e m e

Watercolours: Tales of Translucence

Watercolour is the ideal medium to enable an artist to paint light with a great degree of variability in translucence based on the perceived or projected light. Watercolours de-fantasize palpable translucence. It makes a painting a moving, breathing piece with immortalized dynamism when dry. When the paint pregnant with a watercolour hits the paper in a stroke, in a governs its own pace and the artist just steers it. And a good artist steers it right, in a governing manner.

The lines that form form are made by watercolours and quite often flow into one another on purpose to create a unique wonder. Experience watercolours with us in this summer month.

a r t i s t o f t h e m o n t h

Swati Gupta

Born in 1990 and brought up in Delhi, Swati Gupta graduated with University and College Honors from Carnegie Mellon University, USA. She has earned BS degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Economics, plus minors in Computer Science and Computational Finance. Post graduation, she worked on Wall Street, New York City, for over a year before returning to her homeland.

Swati’s association with the arts has been special since childhood. At the age of fourteen, she pursued a diploma in Fine Arts from the Bangiya Sangeet Parishad. She owes her accomplishments as an artist and photographer to Shri S. S. Kukkal, under whose aegis she developed her style and form. Her first solo exhibition, titled “Vritti”, of both paintings and photographs, was held in April 2015 at the India Habitat Center, New Delhi.

Swati’s work is often imbued with social, emotional and geographical trajectories that influence our sub-conscious. The paintings are largely rendered in acrylic, watercolor, ink and mixed media. Her creative photographs have been created using both, film and digital cameras. With her belief that art has no boundaries, she makes use of various materials as her canvases: cotton stoles, old dhotis, waste printed cloths, gessoed boards, paper, leather or traditional canvas. The subject determines her choice of style and material.

In her attempt to personify her experiences through her works, Swati translates her personal inquiry within into potent mindscapes that draw the viewer into the stream of consciousness. Her belief that watercolors are on the verge of becoming a lost medium creates a special resonance with her. She is enamored by their fluidity since, just as her thought process, they assist her in going with the flow. Having experimented with various styles in the medium, she is currently focusing on the wash style.

Swati lives in New Delhi with her husband, and manage their business full-time. She finds solace in her paints, music and experiments with cooking. Her favorite way to unwind is to play with their dog, Caramel. She just completed her masters at the Indian School of Business where she has been awarded as the Scholar of Excellence 2016. She was also chosen as the valedictory speaker from her batch.

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