artySORTS is about creating, curating and celebrating art

artySORTS is about

living your art,

breathing art in your everyday life,

recognizing art that permeates your very being,

bringing the artist inside you to consciousness.

A b o u t

How we define art?

Our definition goes beyond the common place understanding of art that is limited to the visual arts of a certain kind. For us, art is that which enriches our lives, gives meaning, definition and expression to the human condition.

It is a way of understanding, illuminating, and expressing our emotions, our world, and the world around us.

BE or BECOME 'an artist at being' and in that being you become aware of your very existence as an art form.

A r t a g i f t

( Birthday? Wedding? Anniversary? Random Surprise? )

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  • no matter whom the gift is meant for,
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O u r s t o r y

“ When what fuels your life is ART, something like this becomes inevitable. ”

The Founder on finding and founding artySORTS

‘artySORTS’ was one the many curious words or string of words that fleetingly visit my mind space unless I do bother to freeze it in writing. I am glad I did that for artySORTS, I then started dwelling on it and the little elements that define me and my purpose started coming together.

There are many things that are ‘me’, but I get this overwhelming realization that the aesthete in me takes over everything else. And I am convinced that the way I see the world is way too colourful, dramatic, and imperfectly beautiful to be true, but it probably is like that too. You just need to pick the right lens to view perspectives. I was blessed with the ‘right’ lens. I grew up living art, without even consciously realizing that. I am conscious now and this initiative is to share this consciousness of art in everyday life with you.

P e o p l e s a y

I have been in Delhi for quite some time now, but the way artySORTS has made us see / feel it aesthetically ..its so refreshing ..thanks for taking us to the nook and corners where art is hiding or flourishing.. looking forward to being a part of upcoming sojourns .. amazing experiences in each event meeting people from all walks of life making happy memories. - Manisha

Her keenness in getting it right and the immersion in detail while indulging in designing the concept sketch baffled me. I see that she sees what I don’t. And we so need that. Go on. Paint the world in your colours. - Christian

They had such innovative activities at Colorothon. My children had a lot of fun, they are definitely going to try this at home. - Seema

You do actually realize that art is all around you. The walks are a wonderful way to explore these places where I would not go otherwise. - Abhishek

M o n t h l y t h e m e

Comic Creations

Comic creation is serious art; one of the most overlooked forms of art in fact. A comic book gives more than a peek into the imagined world that the author wants to create. We all love stories but the verbal medium is not the preferred form for everyone, as we are turning more visual, comic books and graphic novels are the answer. It engages more than one sense in a very dramatic manner. The characters are visually defined and stated at the outset and then the story flows; in a way this gives the author more control over how their work is read.

This visual freezing of the characters creates scope for a strong connection to be formed between the readers - how one person saw spider-man in a comics in not different from what the other saw - as it is seen, not imagined - unlike a fictional character in a novel. This connection is what brings together comic book fans with a whole lot of enthusiasm and passion for this shared imagination - and that we will witness at the Comic Con Delhi 2016 this December.

a r t i s t o f t h e m o n t h

Kaveri Gopalakhrishnan

Kaveri Gopalakhrishnan is an independent Comics-maker based in South India. She graduated in 2012 in Animation Film Design from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, and today works as Art Director for animation films and children’s educational books, and Illustrator for major publication houses and privately commissioned projects in India.

Her graphic stories have been published in ‘Drawing the line’ (Zubaan Books, India), Spring Magazine (Germany),  European Comic Art (Berghan Books, Europe), First Hand (YodaPress, India) The Hindu BLink and online at among others.

Kaveri’s original work has been exhibited at Comix Creatix (UK), Internationaler Comic-Salon Erlangen (Germany) and the East London Comic Arts Festival (UK).  She is a member of Kadak: a South Asian collective of women who engage in graphic storytelling of various kinds, and co-founder of webcomic series UrbanLore Comics.

Her short graphic story ‘Before You Step Out’ (Jan 2015) was featured in The Hindu BLink’s anniversary issue ‘15 Writers to Watch Out for in 2015’ . Her recent graphic story ‘Basic Space’ was published in the anthology by Zubaan Books (india, March 2015) in Northern America with Ad Astra Comix

Kaveri currently lives in Bangalore, and moves to creates personal, humorous stories on the conflict of urban spaces, natural worlds and human relationships.

To know more about her work follow us on

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