artySORTS is about creating, curating and celebrating art

artySORTS is about

living your art,

breathing art in your everyday life,

recognizing art that permeates your very being,

bringing the artist inside you to consciousness.

A b o u t

How we define art?

Our definition goes beyond the common place understanding of art that is limited to the visual arts of a certain kind. For us, art is that which enriches our lives, gives meaning, definition and expression to the human condition.

It is a way of understanding, illuminating, and expressing our emotions, our world, and the world around us.

BE or BECOME 'an artist at being' and in that being you become aware of your very existence as an art form.

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  • no matter whom the gift is meant for,
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O u r s t o r y

“ When what fuels your life is ART, something like this becomes inevitable. ”

The Founder on finding and founding artySORTS

‘artySORTS’ was one the many curious words or string of words that fleetingly visit my mind space unless I do bother to freeze it in writing. I am glad I did that for artySORTS, I then started dwelling on it and the little elements that define me and my purpose started coming together.

There are many things that are ‘me’, but I get this overwhelming realization that the aesthete in me takes over everything else. And I am convinced that the way I see the world is way too colourful, dramatic, and imperfectly beautiful to be true, but it probably is like that too. You just need to pick the right lens to view perspectives. I was blessed with the ‘right’ lens. I grew up living art, without even consciously realizing that. I am conscious now and this initiative is to share this consciousness of art in everyday life with you.

P e o p l e s a y

I have been in Delhi for quite some time now, but the way artySORTS has made us see / feel it aesthetically ..its so refreshing ..thanks for taking us to the nook and corners where art is hiding or flourishing.. looking forward to being a part of upcoming sojourns .. amazing experiences in each event meeting people from all walks of life making happy memories. - Manisha

Her keenness in getting it right and the immersion in detail while indulging in designing the concept sketch baffled me. I see that she sees what I don’t. And we so need that. Go on. Paint the world in your colours. - Christian

They had such innovative activities at Colorothon. My children had a lot of fun, they are definitely going to try this at home. - Seema

You do actually realize that art is all around you. The walks are a wonderful way to explore these places where I would not go otherwise. - Abhishek

M o n t h l y t h e m e

Tibetan Thangka Paintings

The tibetan thangka pantings are at the risk of being endangered as an art form. Making a Thangka painting takes meditative mastery over the skills and techniques involved. Traditionally, it is said that a thangka artist needs a certain level of preparation and an inherent kind disposition along with characteristics like - soundness of senses, rooted diligence and a modest level of religious devotion.

Learning this art form is about attaining a mastery in sketching the illustrations and numerous deities according to formal iconography rules laid down by generations of Tibetan master​s​. From ​preparing the canvas to drawing the deity or the subject, through the grinding and mixing of the mineral paints, decoration with 24k gold and mounting it on brocade; each stage requires ardent devotion, commitment and artisanship beyond compare. Through this month, we have the privilege to follow our artist of the month, Antara Pain's work, step by step to truly understand what really goes into the​ creation of a Thangka Painting.

a r t i s t o f t h e m o n t h

Antara Pain

Antara Pain is a statistician by qualification, she has been a researcher & consultant by profession but an artist at heart. At present she spends her time creating art while living either in Navi Mumbai or New Delhi. Having studied Statistics from St. Xavier’s college and later Mumbai University, she has worked in the FMCG market research sector at Nielsen for two years before transiting into the property consulting field with Cushman & Wakefield for five years. She believes her interest towards art originated from home. Be it her parents’ idea of teaching by using creative methods or encouraging to post handmade greeting cards to relatives. By seeing her grandmother do embroidery or mother knit woollen sweaters, make patterns on the floor with rice paste etc. have all in a way added to the interest in detailing and joy in appreciating beauty in nature and little things in life. She learnt oil on canvas from Mrs. Debjani Dutta in Navi Mumbai (2012 - 2013) and acrylic on canvas from Mr. Milind Mulick in Pune (2015).

Her travel across India inspired her to learn, absorb and practise more art. In 2014, she pursued a Post Graduate Diploma in Modern and Contemporary Indian Art and Curatorial Studies from Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum. This interest towards art increased manifolds considering the freelancing offers and her own art projects, Antara has shifted towards perusing her passion full time and dedicating more time and effort to create art. Antara spent Sept 2016 in Dharamshala at the Center of Living Buddhist Art, learning to sketch deities in a grid format and followed it up by learning Thangka painting using traditional methods and techniques from May 2017 to July 2017. Recently, she completed a seven week course by Oncourse Vantage called The Business of Art through a partial scholarship by Delhi Art Gallery (April 2017). While in Delhi she learnt acrylic and gauche on paper from Prof. Zargar Zaroor.

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